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A parents story..24/5/13

When my son M was diagnosed in 2011 at 21 months old with autism it was actually more a relief than anything. After months of knowing ‘something just wasn’t quite right’, I started to look online, and when I looked at the list of signs of autism, everything just seemed to fit. No words, pointing, waving, limited eye-contact and little understanding of anything we said. We would also have to call his name 10 times for him to look at us. After a few weeks of grieving, I started to do some more research, and that’s when I came across article after article of parents seeing amazing results when they took their child off dairy and gluten. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so we tried M on no dairy first. Well within the first 3 days, it was like a heavy fog had lifted for him. Suddenly we only had to say his name once for him to look at us. He started babbling and became aware of his surroundings more. Well after that, there was nothing stopping us. We took him off gluten. I took him to CARD to get an official diagnosis and started ABA therapy. He started 20 hours of in-home therapy a week. It was crazily expensive but I felt like I was in a race to get everything done as quick as I could as everything I had read so far was always saying the younger you start treatment the better. After more research on the internet, I came across Dr Leila Masson’s and Gina Wilson’s websites. Leila is a biomedical doctor and has dealt with so many children with ASD. She put him on some supplements that most children with ASD are lacking in and then we also did a stool and blood test to get more details. While we were waiting for these tests, I set up an appointment with Gina to see how we could further better M’s diet. The first thing we did, was replace his rice milk with broth, add more veges in and cut down on all of his processed food. Well to say M didn’t like that is the biggest understatement of the century. He cried, grizzled, wanted to be picked up non-stop, his nose wouldn’t stop running, basically he was a nightmare for 8 whole weeks!!! I was emailing Gina all the time, asking was this normal! She assured me it was, his body was just detoxing all the sugar and he was basically going through withdrawal symptoms! Well, after the 8 weeks, it slowly got better. He started to smile more, crying less and started to talk! “Up” was his first word, and then the list of words slowly grew. We also started to see a homeopath and chiropractor (which we still use to this day) and both made significant improvements. When his stool results came back saying he basically had no good bacteria in his gut and loads of bad guys, Leila put him on a specific antibiotic, and that was a major turning point. He came out in a healing rash straightaway and his meltdowns became less frequent and severe, and he was turning into a much happier little boy. By the time M turned 3, I had stopped counting how many words he knew and he was now stringing words together. However his cheeks were always bright red. It seemed the redder his cheeks, the worse his behaviour was. Gina was amazing at suggesting different foods to try, always getting back to me quickly with answers to my many questions. In October 2012, after more google research, we tried NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) at The Allergy Clinic. After just the first session I could see a difference. He seemed so much calmer and was starting to want to really interact with others (including his older sister). We started to go once a week, treating foods, vitamins, pollens, neurotransmitters, and just recently vaccinations. The biggest wow was after treating him for plant phenolics. We always knew that M had a problem with phenols and we tried to keep his phenol intake to a minimum, but its in so many things (especially in healthy fruits and veges), so it was hard. It took two sessions to clear him, but after that, his red cheeks just faded away and he was so much happier, calmer and could learn more effectively. We will continue doing the NAET treatments every week until we think he has cleared everything he needs to. M will be 4 in August and we have been on this biomedical journey for nearly 2 years. We stopped the ABA therapy after only a year, as even though it was helping to speed up his learning, it was just too expensive to continue. He is still on a strict diet of mainly meat, veges, sauerkraut and a bit of gluten free bread and fruit. Luckily he loves carrots as a snack! He is on a few supplements, including vitamin D and Omega 3 capsules, and also Kefir, Footsies and we do about 3 saunas a week. He attends daycare 4 days a week and interacts with the other children and sings and dances and joins in all of the games. He fights with his sister and loves to chase the cats! Not long ago we couldn’t even get him to acknowledge them! We still have a way to go with his speech. Learning to converse with others is our next big hurdle. Hopefully the next 2 years will see just as great improvements as the last 2 and we can finally put the word ‘autism’ behind us. It has been the hardest 2 years of our lives, but we have learnt so much and met some great people along the way, including Gina, who has given me so much hope and support in some of my darker moments when everything seemed too hard. I would tell other parents, especially those at the start of their journeys, to not give up, it does get easier, even if it feels like the improvements are few and far between at the start. And to keep trying, what one thing may work for someone else, may not work for your child. But when something does help, celebrate the successes!


Hi Gina What a brilliant day! Thank you so much for everything that you did to put it together. Our family is on the journey........ we are ordering vege boxes from eco organics, I made the carrot pikelets for lunch, I have ordered Epsom salts, I have ordered various supplements and screen time now has a limit and poster to record. Oh and I have booked into the gluten free cooking course in preparation and have purchased a peace lilly and dracina (NASA approved!) for our lounge. It's just a start and we have a long way to go but its good to be putting the ducks into a pen - all ready to pop into a little row! If you could send me your presentation it would be great. Take care and thank you for helping M and I to make such a positive difference to our families health.

Hi Gina, Thank you, I just wanted to send a little something to let you know how amazing what you are doing is! Everything you talked about complimented so much the values/philosophy that I believe, so it was very exciting. You are right though, we never stop learning that is part of life. There will always be something new to learn and share.................... Thanks again for being such a beautiful person and all the amazing work you do, we need more people like yourself out there in the big wide world

Dear Leila and Gina I wanted to thank you both for the incredible course today. It is going to go down as one of the most ground breaking in my life - because I am going to overhaul the way we live. I learnt so so much in a short space of time - everything just clicked into place when I heard you talk and my family is going to be so much healthier and happier as a result. The course was also so thoughtfully and mindfully presented and the exhibitors were excellent. Thank you for imparting years and years worth of knowledge to us I feel I owe you much than $60 - I definitely owe you a huge debt of gratitude! As a mama who has barely slept in 2 years I really can't thank you enough.

Hi Gina, The seminar was fabulous, I took away so much.

Hi Gina, Thanks so much for the great seminar-a huge wealth of information as always!

Dear Gina Thanks you so very much for organising such and inspirational, enlightening and truly incredible seminar on Saturday I am just so excited to have spent the day with such a fantastic group of people, who’s values and passion is to make a difference in the lives of children


Hi Leila and Gina
I just wanted to update you on C's progress. He has had a big change in diet on Ginas recommendations including dairy free, is taking  supplements recommended by Leila and epsom salts baths and continuing the Neurodevelopmental Delay Therapy
On Tuesday Cs teacher and classroom assistant said what a good mood C's was in. Yay for stable blood sugar!!!
Today C's teacher told me that each day this week at news time he has had several appropriate comments and questions about news told by other children. This is new behaviour.
At home we are noticing great leaps forward in his self care abilities, dressing, undressing, washing, toothbrushing, making bed, tidying room, shoes on and off, using knife and fork. Listening, understanding and responding to instructions has improved greatly. Mornings in our house hold are no longer a battle but a pleasure. C seems more able to take part in day to day activities at home like gardening and games in the backyard, he seems to better understand what is going on and be able to stick with it rather than wandering off confused.
We feel that his base level building block skills and development are making good steps forward.
Thanks so much for your advice. We are looking forward to keeping him moving forward.
All the best


Lovely feedback from our seminar June 16th, Thank You.

Hello lovely Leila and Gina Today was just AWESOME!!!! I don't feel alone in my quest to help R with his allergies and getting healthy food into him! Already I have seen a difference in the last two weeks with the supplements and am making changes to his diet! We can only benefit as a family, least of all R There was just so much information today, that even though we have met and spoken I have learnt so much more and I know that when today is up on YouTube, even more will sink in. I can't wait for my husband to be able to hear all these amazing facts that I as just a mum am trying to pass on- you both do it SO much better than I do. It was fantastic hearing feedback from other Mums, and it is just so amazing what needs to be shared- I wish everyone could meet you both! Thank you once again for today, I look forward to taking this journey with both of you as my support.

Dear Gina,
My thanks to you, Leila and the Sewell Foundation for an educational and fun day. I have left the life of being a CEO to take up study to become a naturopath. This has been a useful step on the journey. What a delightful group of committed people. Can you please put me on your mailing list for anything else like this.
Thanks and kind regards

Hi Gina :)
It was good to meet you on Saturday.  The seminar was amazing and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend.  So much vital and relevant and information and assistance, which was great.  Not to mention the food - WOW!  I wondered whether it would be possible to get recipes for the food that was served at lunch?  I took the leftovers home and my daughter loved it all as well, I knew she would.  So I sat and watched her eat it - hoping she wouldn't want seconds!!  But of course she did.  J

Hi GIna Lina,
Been a long time so I thought that I should touch base to let you know how we are getting on...... which is great!!!!!

Sleeping like a gem!!!!!  and has been now for some months which has been brilliant - woke for the first time on Friday night and was quite hard to settle but who knows what that was about -
but I can deal with once and a while!!!!  Eating is brilliant!!  As we speak S  is downstairs feeding him his 5th spoonful of quinoa which is his  first time. He is now eating ham (loves it) peas, rice, pumpkin pears, apples, chicken, and mince with a very plain pasta sauce (still a little bit trying this one)

But through all this he is trying different things all on his own which is so nice to see - like raisins - he loves raisins but dont stress he doesnt get them often and just one of those little boxes. 
We are still going with the broth and I am still convinced that this is still what is keeping him so healthy!!!

Speech is just so funny!!!!! Talking so much better and is really trying to string sentences together, which we generally cant understand but at least hes trying.

However, he says hundreds of words now, so guessing that he is picking it up from daycare ( he is now in the big kids room) , ABA and everyday life.  This will make you laugh, he can tell you ever letter on a keyboard!!!  Taught himself, he has some toy that does letters, and use it as my party trick. 

He is riding his bike now, which I never thought was going to happen and plays so well with the other kids at daycare.  He still has his funny little quirks but he is such a cool dude and is becoming more and more like an average three year old.  CARD told me in the last clinic meeting that he is now about on par with where he should be except for speech but I am not worried as I can see that coming every day.

Anyways, I will keep you in the loop - hope that all is well with you

A xx


I was talking to the lovely Simone this morning, a parent of a child with ASD. I forgot that she has some cool clips on you tube doing some cooking for her daughter. Simone now lives in London but she and her husband are big supporters of Biomedical intervention in NZ and generously support us.

When you have a chance check out some of the recipes here.   interview    hummous choc cake green juice     broth   meatballs



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13 November 2011

Ok well again I just want to say thank you so much for helping our family and being there for us when we have needed advice etc :-)  We will always feel very grateful and lucky that we met you!

Thanks again!

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Benefits from seeing Gina


  • Parents determine what their children eat, so implementing a very healthy diet and then learning strategies to support their child to eat this way can be a very positive experience for parents and caregivers.
  • Learning how to remove offending foods and boosting a child's intake of nutritious food leads to a child feeling happier, healthier and calmer.
  • Learning how to use real, whole foods can actually lead to saving money as you avoid buying costly processed foods
  • You know every ingredient your child is putting in their mouth
  • Feeding your child an optimal diet is a long term investment in their health

Being on the autism spectrum - teenagers and adults
Each individual with autism is unique. Many people on the autism spectrum have amazing abilities in music, visual skills, art and academic skills. Many people on the spectrum take pride in their unique abilities and differing ways of viewing the world. Others with autism have significant disability and are unable to live independently.

Gina is intent on helping people with Autism to become healthy. This may lead to some difficult aspects of ASD like anxiety, engaging in repetitive, rigid non productive activities, inability to concentrate and the occurance of tics to reduce.

Gina supports teenagers and adults who embrace their autism and offers support for those who are seeking the best health for themselves.







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