Gina Wilson is a registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist working with families to improve their overall health via education, nutrition and practical help tailored to meet the family’s specific issues.



“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in proper diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. Thomas Edison”

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I've been lucky to not have any issues re pricing etc. If someone can't afford to see me they either wont book in or they will ask for alternatives and I will give them options. I also have a pro bono list that is permanently full. However pricing and payment is a big issue for some practitioners and I can see both sides of it. It happens in every industry, we are taken aback often at the price of life at all angles, $100 hr plus for electrician, mechanic, plumber, hairdresser etc....

“Gosh its $200 to see that practitioner, they make so much money, just for an hour!”

What you are really paying for is:

Minimum 4 yrs of training full time, the practitioner living on student wage or less
Minimum of 4 overseas conferences/seminars, fully paid for by the practitioner including airfare and accommodation
The rent paid for their clinic
Advertising costs
Behind the scenes reading of your case and researching little known points
The hours spent watching podcasts/webinars to get up to speed with big topics like methylation, chelation, metals, stealth viruses, gut and brain connection etc
The hours spent on colleague support groups ensuring their knowledge and skills are up to speed, keeping good professional relationships
The time spent talking to supplement companies to ensure the supplements they are recommending clients are the best they can be
2hrs plus of staff meetings a month
The unpaid hrs organising and running seminars
Time spent filling in test forms, posting test kits
Reading and collating test results
Many many emails, at least 8 per client and that is only in the first month of contact
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    A very happy Mum documenting her sons journey.

    Sept 2014
    How are you?   Thought that as it was the school holidays it made for a good time to drop you  a quick line to let you know how well B is getting on.  He started school end of Feb and is doing so so so well.  He is at standards for everything and has lots of lil friends, goes for play dates, participates appropriately in the classroom and is like a very normal child - other than his behaviour- due to all the ABA he would probably be the best behaved child in the classroom.  He tries to write stories, independently tells me about his day and independently asks questions about mine. He is a caring loving boy, who is also a great supportive friend.  Great eye contact, answers  when spoken to, is extremely "connected" and is just so freakin happy!!!!!!!  We can not be more proud of him!!  The food on the other hand is always going to be a freakin challenge - which it is here that his autism shines thru lol. 


    Seminar feedback

    May 2014
    Thanks so much GIna! You and Leila are the dynamic (and gorgeous might I add) duo of biomed intervention. You are shining lights and the complete opposite of most of the "stuffed shirts" we've come across who diagnosed our children with the doom and gloom news and offered no hope.

    May 2014
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing the seminar on Saturday. C and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very beneficial to us both. Although L isn't autistic we certainly have huge challenges with him. C had been querying the money I have been spending on supplements and change of diet etc as we have been on a tight budget lately but after coming along on Saturday he can now see that there is method to my madness and he now thoroughly backs it. He even said after we left that he was really pleased he went along and it was definitely worth the money. We have been struggling a bit with L diet and he has been upset eating different food to C and my other son so C suggested that we all eat GFCF while L is on his 3 month trial. That will definitely make shopping and cooking a lot easier!

    Anyway thanks again.

    August 2014
    Hi Gina
    Thanks again for the awesome conference yesterday. Great coming away inspired and re-energised re family nutrition!

    August 2014
    Firstly thank you so much for the seminar on Saturday.    It was just fantastic to say the very least, it was worth the day trip down from Whangarei!

    August 2014
    Hi Gina
    > Thank you so much for last weekends seminar. It was the refresher I needed to get us back on track. I've made quite a few changes this week and I'm feeling motivated more than ever! .....

    August 2013
    As a parent of children with autism I feel we are so lucky to have you both work with our children. I would have hate to think of what would have had to us as a family if you hadn't been there to help us.I think you both do a great job and give so much back.

    August 2013
    Thank you so much for the fantastic Seminar on the weekend.. I found it so helpful, and it gave me so much faith and hope for my little boy to recover from Autism.. I have already started putting into practice all the great advice I was given, and hopefully the results will show in my son.

    August 2013
    Thank you for a great seminar on Saturday - very enlightening and it filled in a lot of gaps that I didn't even realise were issues, or potential issues for the long term.  So much makes sense now!!!
    August 2013
    Dear Gina and Leila,

    Just a quick email to thank you for the seminar on the weekend.  It was great to get a better understanding of what we are doing for our child.  It was also great to speak to other parents in the same boat as us.
    We particularly enjoyed the talk that Helen gave as we had somewhat neglected our own health in favour of our child's health.  So it was a good wake up call for us as parents.


    ACNEM presentation

    I just want to offer a big huge thank you from all of us at ACNEM for your very professional and well received presentation.  ACNEM Thank You 17/11/11


    J Greenidge

    Hi Gina, Well I can't believe 3 months have shot past! We have seen a BIG change in G and I have to put it mostly down to the strict GF side of things (maybe Soy free too). Our usual diet has improved slightly on the vegie and nutritious baking front but was pretty good already. After 2 weeks GF we saw a slow but steady improvement in energy, behaviour, no more yawning and fainty, pale child in mornings. No more continuous nagging to get ready for school. One much more relaxed Mum!G previously would never go and play outside willingly, after one month on GF she shocked us one weekend by getting dressed ! without being asked and headed out to the trampoline straight after brekky. Went out 4 more times during the same day for a 15 min bounce by herself!! Excuse all the exclamation marks but this is very exciting. For the last 10 years I have had a difficult kid and even avoiding all chemicals, excess sugar, dairy products and most gluten containing food I knew she still wasn't quite right.THANK YOU!!We had one muck up when she ate dumplings at an asian friends house (little English spoken). All her old symptoms came back and although I was mad about the mistake it was probably a good reminder for her as to why she needs to be careful.
    Kind regards,J Greenidge.


    L Yates

    I would like to offer my gratitude and thanks to Gina (Naturopath) who offered us a wealth of knowledge and information, and a successful out come when our baby had an acute out break of eczema. At six months of age I introduced solids to my baby and at ten months he was weened, during this time he began to develop small persistent patches of eczema which wouldn't clear. By the time he was eleven months old he had an aggressive out break of weeping, itchy eczema sores from head to toe. Gina explained that this was a build up of toxins in the body due to food issues and that's the body's way of trying to eradicate the over load.
    After three GP visits and two referrals to pediatric dermatologists, we finally got diagnosis of a rare type of Discoid Ecema.
    Gina came highly recommended to me and proved to be an extremely professional and empathetic Naturopath, who's extensive knowledge and training has proved to be an absolute god send.
    Gina recommended some drastic dietary changes and a range of natural supplements, and the results were highly visible within the first few days of implementation. We noticed an extreme improvement in not only our baby's skin but also his happy little personality returned, he was no longer agitated by the severe itching of his skin, he was able to sleep through the night, and was generally so much more settled.
    Eczema can bring huge stress to not only the little one suffering from the condition, but also to parents who suffer alongside their children, we are always continually searching for a cure or treatment to bring back normality for our children.
    So we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Gina for sharing wisdom with us, her passion for her work shines through, and is an absolute credit to her, and as a family we are immensely grateful for such a successful outcome for our precious son.
    Kindest regards
    L Yates